Potochkine live at Beautiful Noise Festival VII

English The Beautiful Noise Festival is more than just a festival, for us it is the event that fulfills our wishes. One of them was definitely to experience the French duo Potochkine live and it […]

Ductape - BNF VII - 2023 - -3795

Ductape live at Beautiful Noise Festival VII

English With a breathtaking show Ductape from Istanbul were guests at the Beautiful Noise Festival VII and the fans loved it. For us, Ductape was/is one of the big surprises of recent years and the […]

Velvet Vega live at Beautiful Noise Festival VII

English We are always happy when we meet bands at the festivals we attend that we know and love, but haven’t yet experienced live. The Beautiful Noise Festival is one of the few festivals that […]

HOME FRONT live at Die Trompete Bochum

English Finally the time had come, Canada’s HOME FRONT played in Europe and luckily they played close to us, fulfilling a long-cherished wish. We are still absolutely blown away by their performance and can’t wait […]

TV Cult live at Die Trompete Bochum

English Cologne band TV CULT opened for Home Front at Bochum’s Die Trompete and surprised more than just us with their special sound. It was autumn time. A lot of wind, penetrating rain and there’s […]

TRAITRS live at Kulttempel Oberhausen

English Those who have been following us for a while will know that we attend almost all concerts in our region of the Canadian duo. Starting with their first gig at the Minicave Festival, the […]

ROSI live at Kulttempel Oberhausen

English ROSI from Bielefeld is of course not a newcomer in the “dark” music field, the duo has already released the debut “Grey City Life” in 2016. “Hope” followed already in 2019 and has been […]

CT Festival New

Cold Transmission Festival 2022 – The Interview

English Meanwhile, the second half of the year has begun, the WGT as a super event is already a few days behind us and our, as well as the view of the music fans is […]

Beautiful Noise Festival IV

Soon // Beautiful Noise Festival IV – 21.05.2022

English Already arrived in May and thus almost spent the first half of the year musically, now comes the best time of the year for festival fans. May until the end of September is the […]

Interview // 1. Fledermaustreffen Burg Vondern

English Some of you will probably already have heard about the new, unique event in a historical ambience. Trailers, flyers or the good old word of mouth have already brought the news of the new […]