Twin Tribes live at Zentrum Altenberg

English Hardly any band has had as much influence on the dark music scene in recent years and caused a stir as the duo Twin Tribes from Brownsville, Texas. Nearby everyday you find their songs […]

Isla Ola - Zentrum Altenberg 2021 - Fertig - -0903

Isla Ola live at Zentrum Altenberg

English When we heard the new Isla Ola album Nebelmond for the first time at the beginning of the year and got very intensively involved with the duo from the Ruhr area, the band advanced […]

Oberst Panizza live at Blue Shell Köln

English The atmosphere in the Blue Shell had already reached boiling point when Oberst Panizza unleashed his first song on the guests shortly after the Tillys. No warming up, no groping, directly full energy as […]

Tilly Electronics live at Blue Shell Köln

English Pow Pow Pow!!! Once caught in the gravitational pull of planet Tilly, there is no way out so fast. After a successful warm-up at the Minicave Festival in Münster, the next date was at […]

The Doctors – Minicave Festival 2021

English The Doctors are good acquaintances of the Minicave Festival, because in the early days the duo from Bordeaux was already once a guest in Münster and inspired the visitors. Since then, the duo has […]

The Last Days Of Jesus – Minicave Festival 2021

English The headliner of the evening were no strangers to us and the Minicave Festival. Already in 2017 The Last Days Of Jesus were on the Hawerkamp and heated up the audience properly. Already since […]

Werther Effekt - Minicave Festival 2021 - FERTIG-6562

Werther Effekt – Minicave Festival 2021

English As we were preparing for the upcoming Minicave Festival, we noticed a name that we had heard before, but (unfortunately) never really found the time to look into the band in detail. Werther Effekt, […]

Pinoreks – Minicave Festival 2021

English For many visitors of the Minicave Festival 2021 ended a considerable dry spell in the form of missing live performances. Good that the Minicave team has chosen the right solution and a brilliant opener […]

ZUG - Minicave 2021 - Fertig - -5815

ZUG – Zona Utopica Garantita – Minicave Festival 2021

English With a crowd already heated up by the Pinoreks in front of the stage, the second act ZUG – Zona Utopica Garantita was on stage and not only we were curious how the guys […]

Concert // Tilly Electronics – Warm-up at Kernkrach Records

English After a long absence from concerts and festivals, it was finally time for many music lovers. The Minicave Festival Day 2021 in Münster was coming up and as it should be, such a day […]