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Cold Transmission Festival 2022 – The Interview

English Meanwhile, the second half of the year has begun, the WGT as a super event is already a few days behind us and our, as well as the view of the music fans is […]

Beautiful Noise Festival IV

Soon // Beautiful Noise Festival IV – 21.05.2022

English Already arrived in May and thus almost spent the first half of the year musically, now comes the best time of the year for festival fans. May until the end of September is the […]

Interview // 1. Fledermaustreffen Burg Vondern

English Some of you will probably already have heard about the new, unique event in a historical ambience. Trailers, flyers or the good old word of mouth have already brought the news of the new […]

Highlight of the week // Unter Null Liveshow #53 – Liveact Kurs Valüt

English With four years of experience and already episode #53, the Unter Null Liveshow has become an integral part of the live streams of the dark scene. Even before Corona, the Störmer duo, with the […]

Coming Soon // Beautiful Noise Festival III – 2021-11-20

English Finally it’s that time again, the Beautiful Noise Festival goes into the third round and once again puts the focus entirely on the “female” part of the “darker” music. A concept that has worked […]

Twin Tribes live at Zentrum Altenberg

English Hardly any band has had as much influence on the dark music scene in recent years and caused a stir as the duo Twin Tribes from Brownsville, Texas. Nearby everyday you find their songs […]

Isla Ola - Zentrum Altenberg 2021 - Fertig - -0903

Isla Ola live at Zentrum Altenberg

English When we heard the new Isla Ola album Nebelmond for the first time at the beginning of the year and got very intensively involved with the duo from the Ruhr area, the band advanced […]

Oberst Panizza live at Blue Shell Köln

English The atmosphere in the Blue Shell had already reached boiling point when Oberst Panizza unleashed his first song on the guests shortly after the Tillys. No warming up, no groping, directly full energy as […]

Tilly Electronics live at Blue Shell Köln

English Pow Pow Pow!!! Once caught in the gravitational pull of planet Tilly, there is no way out so fast. After a successful warm-up at the Minicave Festival in Münster, the next date was at […]

The Doctors – Minicave Festival 2021

English The Doctors are good acquaintances of the Minicave Festival, because in the early days the duo from Bordeaux was already once a guest in Münster and inspired the visitors. Since then, the duo has […]