New Mix // Into The Darkness 017 – 20 awesome songs

Into The Darkness 017


Our latest mix takes us once again around the globe. Artists and bands from Sweden, USA, Mexico, Russia and many more countries are waiting for you to be discovered. Listen in, turn up the volume to maximum and just enjoy 20 great songs.


Unser neuster Mix führt uns wieder einmal rund um den Globus. Künstler und Bands aus Schweden, USA, Mexiko, Russland und vielen weiteren Ländern warten auf euch um entdeckt zu werden. Reinhören, die Lautstärke auf Maximum und einfach 20 großartige Songs genießen.


01 – Tempted Hearts – Cerulean Veins

02 – Testify – Sleeping With Socks

03 – Abigail – Richie Filth

04 – Abeyance – Tsaffire

05 – It´s Not About You – Sequential Zero

06 – Circle III – ANGEL-MAKER

07 – Monsters – Anima Triste

08 – Last Squad – Dire Forze

09 – Call The Police – Gorodki

10 – From The Bones Of The Dead – Memoria

11 – Everything Rots – Scary Black

12 – Something Very Bad – Seasurfer feat. Stereoskop

13 – Real Eyes – Home Front

14 – Dementia – Nass // Zurück

15 – It All Sound The Same – Local Suicide & Curses

16 – Platzwort – Vlimmer

17 – Desperace de Mi – CALAVERX

18 – Delusional – God Next Door

19 – Gun – Jeff In Leather

20 – Blue Ride – General Trust

(c) Photo DLE

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