Love - Tableraz
Brand New

Love – Tableraz

English Love From Brittany, more precisely from Rennes, comes a wonderful album that we definitely want to mention. Love by Tableraz is a 12 track long journey through downtempo beats and rather minimalistic synths garnished […]

Souleater - Carlo Onda
Brand New

Souleater – Carlo Onda

English Souleater With Darker Days at the latest, Swiss musician and multi-talent Carlo Onda had us under his spell. With his new longplayer, he manages to captivate us again with ease. With ten tracks, the […]

Dolor - Tumbas
Brand New

Dolor – Tumbas

English Dolor One album we would definitely like to introduce to you is Dolor by the Colombian group Tumbas. A quintet with the power of a full-grown tropical storm from Bogota, who have caused quite […]

Marble - Antipole
Brand New

Marble – Antipole

English Marble There are a few things in the universe you can rely on. Pulsars, geysers and Karl Morten Dahl aka Antipole. Because when the multi-talent from Norway unleashes something on the listeners, it is […]

Inverse - The Xray5
Brand New

Inverse – The Xray5

English Inverse You just mix the best ingredients of past eras and bands into a pot, add a big portion of individuality and heat it up to boiling point. The result is something ultra strong, […]