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A new Monday, a new mix. At least here in Germany, the weather is much too cold for the time of year. Snow, temperatures around the freezing point and far too little sun determine the daily routine. Even the best work is no fun there. So grab a coffee and cookies and listen to these wonderful songs. Many of them are brand new, but also songs that we really wanted to show you. Have fun. As usual you will find below the possibility to purchase the songs via Bandcamp, because without musicians there is no music.


Ein neuer Montag, ein neuer Mix. Zumindest hier in Deutschland ist das Wetter viel zu kalt für die Jahreszeit. Schnee, Temperaturen um den Gefrierpunkt und viel zu wenig Sonne bestimmen den Tagesablauf. Da macht auch die tollste Arbeit keinen Spaß. Also schnappt euch einen Kaffee und Kekse und hört euch diese wunderbaren Songs an. Viele brandaktuell, aber auch Songs die wir euch unbedingt mal zeigen wollten. Viel Spaß. Wie gewohnt findet ihr unten die Möglichkeit die Songs via Bandcamp zu erwerben, denn ohne Musiker keine Musik.


01 – Williams – Modern Day Vampire

02 – Cruel Reflections – Heaven Or Hell

03 – Grey Gallows – Garden Of Lies

04 – The Downward Path – These Days Are Gone Away

05 – Station Echo – You´re Wrong

06 – Deathtrippers – Unity Of Light

07 – Noromakina – Shadow

08 – VH x RR – Calm Down Lover

09 – Playlist Venkova – Было круто

10 – Mike York Projects – Don´t Mess With Me

11 – A Sinister Light – Closing In

12 – IAMTHESHADOW – On Winter Leaves Embrace

13 – Vision Video – Comfort In The Grave

14 – Mene und Tsorn – Perdido

15 – Rain To Rust – Dead Violets

16 – Sevit – War Chest (Unholy Mix)

17 – Russian Rose – Say Zero

18 – Hollow Reflections – Мъртви Души

19 – Hour Of Whorship – Quit The World

20 – Die Robot – Talk City

21 – Dilk – Bad Habits

22 – Metal Disco – Clublife

23 – Over – The Death Of Autonomy

24 – Kirlian Camera – Lobotomine 5

25 – Cold Cave – Confetti

26 – Alexander Dust – I Dream Shadows

27 – The Condos – Cost Of Living

28 – Clone Culture – Defeating Time

29 – Doric – Cities Are Dead

30 – Deathray Bam – Everyday

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